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Custom Magazines

Custom Magazines take
weeks to complete.

2025 GRADUATE MAGAZINE DEADLINE:  February 1, 2025       

All graduation magazine orders submitted after this date are considered rush orders and will have a rush order fee.

NOTE: This deadline allows time for every step to be completed properly, and for Your Graduate to receive their magazines in plenty of time.

Personalized, Made-to-order Magazines

The best sentimental gift for anyone!!

Personalized, Made-to-order Magazine from Everything Life Brings are p
ersonalized and professionally designed magazines for Everything Life Brings!


From birthday gifts to wedding memories and even to thoughtful celebrations of life, these made-to-order, high-quality, magazines are a perfect sentimental gift for any occasion!


This is the perfect way to document all of life's events with stories and memories, all designed by a professional!


Please keep in mind that our ELB Logo and contact information is placed on the bottom quarter of the back cover and will be the same for all magazines.

Also, ELB is NOT a Canva template Company. All of the designs are created by the ELB Team.

NOTE: Please order when you have your photos ready. If you need time to gather them after ordering, The ELB Team provides no more than 2 weeks for submission.

Order Custom Magazines Below
ELB Custom Print Web Info 11.jpg
ELB Custom Print Web Info 12.jpg
ELB Custom Print Web Info 13.jpg
Order Custom Magazines Below

**All orders come with one (1) printed copy.

**All designs must be approved via email confirmation. If approval is not received order will not be printed.

**Custom order printing will not take place until order is paid in full.


**All custom printing must be paid in full even if ELB is only creating design and not doing the printing.


**The order must be paid in full prior to receiving a version without watermarks and/ or print release.

**If choosing to print booklets on your own. Print quality may not be the same as Everything Life Brings printing quality.

Types of Booklet:

  1. Business Promotional Catalog

  2. Birthday or Graduation Invitation / Favor Magazine

  3. Wedding or Anniversary Invitation / Favor Magazine

  4. Event Program Magazine (such as dance recitals)

  5. Special Photo Magazine (such as create a magazine of your photos as a gift to someone).

Magazine Options:

  1. Design Creation for PDF File Only

  2. Design Creation & Print Booklet / Magazine

Magazine Size:

  1. 5.5" x 8.5" 

  2. 8.5" x 11" 

Color Options:

  1. Full Color- This option does not contain black & white content.

  2. Black & White Only- This option does not contain color content.

Page Number Information:

*Minimum of 4 pages.

*Keep in mind booklets are printed by 4-page count. (For example: If your booklet has 16 pages and you want to add more information or photos, it must be enough content for 4 more pages which will make your booklet have a total of 20 pages. 

Order Custom Magazines

Creation Request?:
Do you need photography? (At this time we only offer this service for the Gulf Coast )
Booklet Color Option?:
Booklet Size?:
Number of Pages?:
Amount of Copies Needed?:
Upload File
I understand all fees must be paid in full prior my booklet/ magazine going to print. I understand I will receive a final proof email of my booklet/ magazine. This is to ensure your booklet./ magazine is ready for print as you want. I must approve proof via email only to go to print. After you approved the Booklet/ Magazine to be printed, there is no grace period, there are no changes to the booklet/ magazine at this point it will be printed as you have approved. I understand Everything Life Brings, LLC has a clear and firm no refund policy. I, the Booklet/ Magazine Requester, will indemnify and hold harmless Everything Life Brings, LLC and all its successors against any and all loss, cost, damages as all images, words, spaces are placed as received. I give Everything Life Brings, LLC permission to photograph, take videos and/ or release said images for the purposes of publishing, brand promotion, sharing via social media outlets, and advertisement purposes. I understand a digital copy of the Everything Life Brings Magazine Creation Agreement which includes details, terms and conditions is emailed to my email address.

Thanks for submitting!

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