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Custom Magazines

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Email us if you need for more than 24 pages:

**All designs must be approved via email confirmation. If approval is not received order will not be printed.

**Custom order printing will not take place until order is paid in full.


**All custom printing must be paid in full even if ELB is only creating design and not doing the printing.


**The order must be paid in full prior to receiving a version without watermarks and/ or print release.

**If choosing to print booklets on your own. Print quality may not be the same as Everything Life Brings printing quality.

Types of Booklet:

  1. Business Promotional Catalog

  2. Birthday or Graduation Invitation / Favor Magazine

  3. Wedding or Anniversary Invitation / Favor Magazine

  4. Event Program Magazine (such as dance recitals)

  5. Special Photo Magazine (such as create a magazine of your photos as a gift to someone).

Magazine Options:

  1. Design Creation for PDF File Only

  2. Design Creation & Print Booklet (Magazine Style)

Magazine Size:

  1. 5.5" x 8.5" (This size is upon request)

  2. 8.5" x 11" (All magazines will be this size unless request size #1)

Color Options:

  1. Full Color- This option does not contain black & white content.

  2. Black & White Only- This option does not contain color content.

Page Number Information:

*Minimum of 4 pages.

*Purchase minimum of 40 booklets.

*Keep in mind booklets are printed by 4-page count. (For example: If your booklet has 16 pages and you want to add more information or photos, it must be enough content for 4 more pages which will make your booklet have a total of 20 pages. 

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