Everything Life Brings, LLC, affectionately known as ELB was established in 2007, as Katwalk Planet by Founder, Army Veteran, Publisher, Creative Director, Katrina Mosley Stinnett. Today, Katrina operates ELB alongside her husband, Promoter, Marketing Director, Quentin Stinnett. 

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ELB serves as a Production Company which focuses on community development and self- care essentials while giving back.

ELB is a dynamic company that delivers a fresh approach to EVERYTHING! 


ELB produces the Alabama Black Expo (ABX). The ABX is a community development event which offers entrepreneurs and small business the chance to showcase their businesses. ABX features Artists, Spoken Word Performers, Dancers and Talent of all kinds. ABX also features, the Ms Alabama Black Expo Pageant (Ms ABX) the mission of Ms ABX is to offer ladies the opportunity showcase themselves in a positive way and promote their platform while serving as Brand Ambassador for the Alabama Black Expo (ABX) Brand. During the ABX all Vendors, Talent and Pageant Contestants are featured in the Program which is given to every visitor to help showcase their businesses or talents; And serve as an quick reference guide.

ELB also produces Blac On Blac Bath & Body Essentials which offers various naturally developed items such as products for men and women to pamper themselves and their partners with intimate natural luxury products. The product line includes organic lilly rose, organic fruits and vegetables along with various scented products and a line of organic   no-salt seasoning blend powders.


ELB also has a a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for tax purposes, Step Out And Receive Everything Life Brings (SOAR ELB), which has the mission to increase awareness and spread love, hope and support to individuals as they from suffer from kidney disease (dialysis) and assist entrepreneurs in getting exposure for their businesses.

​Our mission is to break the cycle and eradicate the stigmas lack of support or "crabs in a barrel" mentality surrounding the African- American community. 


​​The Step Out And Receive Everything Life Brings Foundation is supported by individuals from all walks of life. The foundation gives back to empower individuals who suffer from kidney failure, by providing a 4 oz. products with inspirational notes attached. The products are made with goat milk and were specifically developed for dry skin which is extremely helpful for patients seeking treatment of any kind. 

How product donation works?: 

*One item purchased = One item donated