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When Will My ELB Box Arrive?

Local: ELB Boxes are delivered locally everyday. ELB Custom Boxes take 7 business days to process and will be delivered on the date requested unless this date falls on Sunday or Holidays– If this happens, an ELB Agent will contact you to see if a different date will work.

Shipped: Our LillyRoses are shipped via UPS from our office in Mobile and arrive within 2-5 business days. Express shipping is available should you have the need.


Are ELB Box Roses real?

Our entire collection of roses are soap roses. All soaps for ELB Boxes are made with goat milk. Soaps are made with 100% soap ingredients and have wonderful fragrance. They are soap flowers so they will only get harder over time and last forever if you do not wet them. We encourage you to use them! They feel great, produce lots of bubbles and have wonderful scents.


Do they have a scent?

Yes our standard rose soaps have a subtle scent of rose and lilly infused into every flower. You have the choice to select from any of the scents in our catalog of fragrances.


Can I design my own arrangement?

We try to accommodate all custom requests. Please use order form or email: and an ELB Agent will help you create your ideal arrangement.


What about care instructions- Can I use them?

Keep the arrangement in a room-temperature environment. You may remove them from the box at anytime.Yes, Unlike preserved roses, The ELB Box rose soaps are actually products designed not just for you to look at and sit on your shelf. ELB Rose soaps are made with goat milk, and the finest essential oils and infused (if you choose) with roses and lillies from the ELB family farm and other local farms. ELB Rose soaps are great for your entire body. Colors may bleed slightly– This is normal. Colors are skin safe for adults and children. ELB rose soaps leave your skin silky smooth without feeling oily. We use our products ourselves-Everyday!


Can I Request A Specific Delivery Date?

Yes! You may request a specific date. On order form please indicate delivery date.


Can I Return them?

ELB Boxes are custom– made to order. You or your recipient may not return roses. A photograph of all orders is taken prior to delivery to ensure quality of every ELB Box.