Everything Life Brings, affectionately known as ELB was established in 2007.

ELB produces the Drinks & Conversations Show, which features various topics such as world current events, infertility issues, business questions as well as relationship issues. 

The Drinks & Conversations Show is based on discussions in the Book Collecting Wooden Nickels written by ELB Co-Founder.


Collecting Wooden Nickels- Official Imag

Have you been carrying secrets, harboring pain, or putting up with less than you deserve? Are you ready to finally have a conversation about it all? If so, grab your drink of choice and join childhood friends Sophia, Eva, Camille, Candace, and Kellie—who can relate to your struggles more than you know.

In Collecting Wooden Nickels, a no-holds barred novel by Katrina Mosley Stinnett that explores friendships, racism, sexism, and relationships, you will find your own reflection in these powerful women who, like you, are determined to build something strong out of the things that threatened to make them weak.

As you allow the truths in this novel—the first of her Drinks and Conversations Series—to guide you onto a new path of hope, you will discover your courage and realize that now is the time to stop collecting wooden nickels because you have been empowered to step out on faith.

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