What's the SOAR Project?

The SOAR Foundation was set up in 2019 to assist minority small business owners.

To give a grants to minority– owned businesses in underserved communities. This serves as the SOAR (Step Out And Receive) Project mentors individuals with their entrepreneurial goals.

Our mission is to break the cycle and eradicate the stigmas surrounding these areas in minority communities.

The Step Out And Receive Everything Life Brings Foundation is supported by individuals from all walks of life.

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Keep These Tips in Mind When Telling Us About Your Business:

Speak From The Heart

Applying for the SOAR Project is easy, just complete the application below.


Don’t try to “sound corporate.” Past winners simply shared their story from the heart. We are looking for passion as well as business smarts. 


What Matters To YOU

No business dream is too big or too small. What matters is YOU — the individual(s) behind the business. 

SOAR Project Application

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