What's the Rose Mosley Fund?

The SOAR Foundation was set up in 2019 to assist minority small business owners and to honor a very special woman, Rose Ann Lilly Mosley, the founders mother through the Rose Mosley Fund.


In 2021, she passed away after a long battle with kidney failure issues and after years of dialysis treatments. The Rose Mosley Fund, awards individuals in need of financial assistance with medications for their dialysis treatment.


To receive assistance, a client must: 

  • Currently be in treatment for dialysis (Kidney Failure)

  • Be a resident of the State of Alabama

  • Assistance is based on availability of funding.

  • The award is not an entitlement.

  • Must meet the income eligibility requirements and verification must be provided.

  • Proof of Alabama residency documents must be in my name.

  • Must submit a valid photo ID for reporting purposes.

  • Upon receipt of award, must sign the SOAR ELB– Rose Mosley Award documents and Acceptance Agreement.

  • Must complete all requirements and criteria to receive my SOAR ELB– Rose Mosley Award.

  • Any information provided may be verified prior to receipt of award.

Rose Mosley Fund Application

*The print version of the application must be completed.
We must have original signatures.

Please email completed application and verification documents to: