ELB Festival Application

EARLY BIRD: November 1, 2022- May 1, 2023


After form is completed, you will be forwarded to the ELB Shop to complete payment.

Attach your image / logo with the upload boxes provided in request form.

If you would like to make payment via invoice instead of the ELB Shop, select "Pay by Invoice and you will receive invoice submitted to your email. 

For the purpose of application, the words vendors and exhibitors
may be used interchangeably to describe applicants. 

For questions or inquiries email: contact@everythinglifebrings.com

Exhibitor Print Deadline: July 1, 2023
(Meet this deadline to be included in the Festival Book)
(Due to print deadline- Vendors who register after the print deadline may be a part of the Festival, 
but will not be included in the Festival Book)

Business Type:
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WELCOME BAG MAGAZINE SPONSOR: Become a welcome bag magazine sponsor. It puts your company logo and branded products and services in the hands and homes of VIP guests, other industry professionals for networking and official sponsors.
The ELB Fest provides a standard set up of one (1) 8 foot table and two (2) chairs. Additional tables and chairs will require an upgrade in vendor space. Do you understand and agree?
If your package Includes shirts please check sizes needed.
I understand at the ELB Fest you will be directed to your designated area by the Vendor Committee during the setup periods. No breakdown before the end of the expo for any reason for you will not be invited back to participate. Do you understand and agree?
EXHIBITOR'S SPACE: Distribution of exhibitor space will be assigned by the event organizers. All booth space assignments are at the sole discretion of Everything Life Brings, LLC. Sharing of exhibit space is NOT permitted. If an exhibitor fails to occupy space before 9:45 am CST on the morning of the event, the space may be reallocated or reassigned or forfeited. We do not allow vendors to set up after the start of the expo for any reason. Loud or offensive exhibitors, subject to Everything Life Brings, LLC discretion, are not permitted. Do you understand and agree?
CLEAN UP: Vendors should clean their areas at the end of the expo. Vednors should pack up the entire contents of their booth before leaving. All vendors must load vehicles and be clear of the expo area by 6:00pm. Vendors will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their vending area. Do you understand and agree?
NO GUARANTEE POLICY: The ELB Fest does not warrant or guarantee any particular results of the Expo event, nor does it guarantee a particular number of attendees or exhibitors. Do you understand and agree?
INSURANCE, LICENSE, PERMITS: Vendors will be responsible for obtaining and adhering to all licenses, insurance or permits. Do you undestand an agree?
REGISTRATION FEE: I understand that my fees to participate in The ELB Festival are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Do you understand and agree?
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