Frequently asked questions

Why be a part of the Miss Alabama Black Expo?

Alabama Black Expo goes to great lengths to make every aspect of the showcase special. We are on the cutting edge of Showcases and we are proud to say, it's okay to love who you are. Some may ask if we're here only to make a statement. Alabama Black Expo always responds, "No, we're here to make a difference.

Can I apply for Miss Alabama Black Expo if I am a plus size model?

Yes, Alabama Black Expo promotes following your dreams, being healthy and being self-confident at any size.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Age 20. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a Program/ Competition for teens.

What is the maximum age requirement?

Age 40. Unfortunately we do not have another age group at this time.

Is there an Entry fee for the Competition?

Yes, there is an entry fee. Application Fee is $50 Delegate Entry Fee is $250.00 Entry Total= $300 Entry Fee includes: Sash, Trophy & Program Ad

Is there an Application/ Audition Fee?

The application fee is $50 for the Ms ABX Pageant.

What happens the weekend of the Alabama Black Expo?

Showcase weekend consists of Meet & Greet, Photo Shoot, Rehearsals and the Finale Production. It is filled with excitement you will never forget.

What does my entry fee pay for?

Alabama Back Expo is a self-sufficient showcase. Fees pay for but are not limited to the royal regalia for winner including the prizes and that are given away on the stage, venue rental/fees, sound, light, stage, decoration etc... Alabama Black Expo is in the business of making dreams come true.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. Deposit is $50.00 and entry fee must be complete by the deadline, 60 days prior to Expo.

*Failure to complete entry may endanger participant of loosing position*

Are there any other required fees?

No. Each participant is required complete the entry fee.

Do you accept Advertising payments toward the entry fee?

No. All Advertising money is put into the production of the program book. The more Ads we sell, the more impressive the program book is!

Am I responsible for Flight and Hotel costs?

Yes. Your entry for Miss Alabama Black Expo does not include Flight or Hotel costs.

Am I responsible for supplying my own wardrobe?

Yes. Miss Alabama Black Expo is a self-sufficient showcase, which means you supply all of the necessary items of clothing, make-up and accessories for the competition.

When will I receive my photos?

All photos are the property of Alabama Black Expo. Photo Discs will not be released until after the Expo and Press Release. The photographers shoot the photos at a special rate for Alabama Black Expo participants therefore any participants with unpaid balances will not receive photos until all their fees are paid. No exceptions.

If I cannot attend the showcase this year, does my entry fee carry over to the next year?

No, Entry fees are credited for the current showcase year only.

Do you accept personal checks?

No, Alabama Black Expo does not accept personal checks. We accept cash, money orders and credit card only.