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SOAR ELB Foundation produces the Alabama Black Expo (ABX).  ABX serves as a tradeshow for businesses, entrepreneurs, dancers, artists, spoken word performers not only from Alabama but from surrounding states as well as from across the country.

ABX has two (2) locations:

  • ABX South- Mobile, Alabama

  • ABX- North- Huntsville, Alabama

Historically, ABX was an annual event, ABX is now in the form of pop up shops quarterly, on each end of the state, to keep business owners in the consumers minds more often!

The Alabama Black Expo serves as a platform where businesses can introduce and further educate minority communities about programs for self-empowerment, as well as social and economic growth despite discouraging statistics and information about the current status of our economy. 


Historically, the Alabama Black Expo provided a safe and enjoyable place where patrons, families, and friends could be entertained and share an enjoyable shopping experience while gathering needed information and resources.


Our mission is to encourage African American Community members to re-invest in the Black Economy by spending money within the community.

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