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Dawes Community Market FAQ's

Q: Is there a fee?

A: Yes, the fee covers promotions for the event.

Q: Will the Dawes Community Market be open if it rains?

A: If it rains on the 3rd Saturday, the Market will be open the following Saturday.

Q: Is Dawes Community Market open on Holidays?
A: We are open the 3rd Saturday of every month, except holiday weekends. The Market is open the following weekend.

Q: Is there plenty of parking available at Dawes Community Market?
A: Yes, we have plenty of parking available.

Q: Is handicap parking available?
A: Yes, we accommodate everyone at Dawes Community Market.

Q: Is Dawes Community Market open to the public on weekdays?

A: Sorry, the vendor display spaces are only available on the 3rd Saturday at this time.

Q: Are pets allowed at Dawes Community Market?

A: Service Pets are always welcome. If your pet is not a service pet, sorry, we would rather you keep your pets at home where they would be safe.

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