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Everything Life Brings produces these events:

ABE- Offical Logo- 2.jpg

Everything Life Brings, LLC produces the Alabama Black Expo (ABX).  ABX serves as a tradeshow for businesses, entrepreneurs, dancers, artists, spoken word performers not only from Alabama but from surrounding states as well as from across the country.

ABX location:

  • ABX- Mobile, Alabama

The Alabama Black Expo serves as a platform where businesses can introduce and further educate minority communities about programs for self-empowerment, as well as social and economic growth despite discouraging statistics and information about the current status of our economy. 


DCM Logo- 5.jpg

Dawes Community Market was born out of the passion for family and entrepreneurship.


Dawes Community Market recognized the diversity and experience represented in the community; And developed a way that local entrepreneurs, local resources, local flavor and networking can be fun, affordable and easily accessible to individuals in communities.


Dawes Community Market is by people in the community, for the community.

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