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SIMPLE        PROFITABLE        FUN        EASY

Raise Funds with our ELB Signature Fragrance Collection

Typical Fundraiser:

Your group or organization receives the sample kits and immediately begin

to take orders and collect.

Fundraiser Coordinator must sign Fundraising Agreement.


Sample Kits are $20 each

Kit includes: 

  1. Sample of 1 Medium Rose

  2. Sample of 1 Large Rose

  3. Ten ELB Order Forms


Items Sold:

  1. Medium Rose Soap

  2. Large Rose Soap  

  1. If doing the purchase first option, then all soaps must be paid in full prior to delivery.

  2. If doing custom fundraisers usually last approximately 3 – 6 weeks. Money is collected for all sales at the time of order. Once each member is done with all sales, a grand total is calculated.

The fundraiser coordinator will calculate totals for the entire group. Your group keeps 50% of the profits instantly and the remaining is due to Everything Life Brings at the time order is placed.


For fundraisers— No Checks accepted.

Turnaround time for your delivery is 14 business days from the day order is


*If each member sells a minimum of 10 soaps they will contribute at least


A group of 10 with each member selling a minimum of 10 soaps will contribute $700.00

It’s just that SIMPLE.

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