How will I know if I am recipient of the SOAR ELB Award?

           All winners will be notified prior to release of the winner on website and social media platforms.


If I will how will I receive my SOAR ELB Award?

           All funds are delivered directly to the recipient because the recipient must sign the SOAR ELB Award Acceptance Agreement.


If I win can I spend the money on what ever I want?

No; In order for the award recipient to avoid a potential tax penalties, you must spend it on business related expenses (ie, fees for business, supplies, etc.)


If I do not win in a particular month, do I need to re-submit my entry?

No; Any entry that was not chosen will be taken into consideration each month for up to six (6) months.


How many times can I receive award?

You may receive the SOAR ELB Foundation Award only one (1) time to assist with your business growth.

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