ELB Organics Ingredients

We only use pure ingredients from family farm.

Our unique method of gathering ingredients goes beyond farming. We harvest plants and flowers that have grown in the wild on the farm. The heritage of the plants gives us confidence in all of our formulas.

Locally grown ingredients

ELB Organics are the direct products of us staying close to our ingredients as they are home grown on family farm; Then hand-picked and harvested with care. We search for plants that grow naturally in the wild and work to preserve the integrity of each flower, leaf and stem to formulate our products.

We only use high-quality organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants and oils in our products; Final colors may vary from light pink to dark pink.

The primary ingredients of all ELB Organics Products are Lilies, Roses and Vanilla.


Rose Benefits:

· Calms, hydrates and helps eliminate under eye circles, puffiness and rejuvenates
· Good for all types of skin (dry, oily, combination)
· Soothes some effects of eczema
· Reduce skin redness
· Helps treat skin infections
· Contains antioxidants
· Helps heals cuts, scars and burns
· Enhances general mood
· Contains vitamins A, C & E
· Helps optimize skin elasticity
· Up to 24 hours of hydration
· locks in moisture without a greasy feeling
· Softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles
· Plumps the skin for smoother, younger-looking skin


Lilly Benefits:

· Used to treat skin ulcers, inflammation, burns and rashes

· Used as ointment that aids in preventing the formation of scar tissue; Apply directly to burned spot.

· Contain large amounts of fiber, sodium and carbohydrates.

· Have essential proteins and starch, calcium, iron, phosphorous

· Contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C.

· Anti-inflammatory properties


Vanilla Benefits:

· Healing properties; rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent the breakdown of cells and tissues in the body and stimulate the body’s natural regrowth.

· It’s great for your hair – If you suffer with split-ends or hair loss, vanilla can strengthen the hair and induce blood flow to the scalp promoting hair growth.

· It can help with anxiety– the strong aroma of vanilla is known to have a direct impact on the nerves that induce calm and relieve stress, particularly when used as part of an aromatherapy treatment.

· It can reduce acne – with its antibacterial properties, vanilla can help to fight breakouts and if used regularly, reduce scars as well as brighten the complexion.

· It has antibacterial properties help to reduce inflammation and irritation.


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