The ELB Organics Process

We only use pure ingredients from family farm.


Our unique method of gathering ingredients goes beyond farming. We harvest plants and flowers that have grown on the farm. The heritage of the land gives us confidence in all of our formulas.

It starts with home

With the richest and diverse landscape in all of America, Alabama, is a hotspot for growing and studying many types of plants and vegetables.

Locally grown ingredients

ELB Organics are the direct products of us staying close to our ingredients as they are home grown on family farm;

Then hand-picked and harvested with care. We work to preserve the integrity of each flower, leaf and stem to formulate our products.

Formulated with the highest standards

We only use purified water in our products and create formulas using the smallest amount of preservatives as we can. In fact, we avoid toxic ingredients because we not only care about what goes into ELB Organics Products, we concern ourselves with what we leave out as well.

We only use high-quality organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants and oils in our products; Final colors may vary from light pink to dark pink.

We refuse to use harmful ingredients and leave them out of ELB Organics Products:


Such as:

· Parabens

· GMO’s

· Microbeads

· Silicone

· Synthetic Colors

· Formaldehyde

· Mineral Oil

· Propylene Glycol

Tested and refined to perfection

We test each product for purity, safety, and efficacy.

Always created in harmony with the environment

We always use environmental best practices. We believe in a no-waste principle  as we strive to utilize every inch of the plants and vegetables we use.

We return remnants to the land

We return all remaining ingredients from the production process back to farm and to the land they came from. This keeps the soil strong for the next harvest.


The ELB Organics team works together to make the most effective natural skin care products.



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