ELB Empowerment Self-Care Products are:

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ELB Empowerment Self-Care Products are:

Our ELB Essentials line is our passion. It is not just skin care it is self-care, inside and out.


Our products are homemade and infused with our own homegrown and other locally sourced plant- based ingredients.


ELB products have carefully chosen inspirational names to deliver you inspiration, motivation and empowerment!


Our goal is to bring you products that will inspire you and leave your body feeling fabulous inside and out!

-We believe organic farming creates the best quality products.


-Our products are focused on results without any of the extra unnecessary ingredients.


-Our products are grown using safe, organic farming practices.


-Our farming equation is simple:

Nature + Science = Stability, Consistency, and Quality.


-We produce a variety of product types to serve the unique needs of every client because we know one size does NOT fit all!

Why the ELB Experience is different?


We only use the highest-quality ingredients to produce products that consistently deliver results you love.


At our farm in Alabama we ensure that every step of the process uses ingredients you can trust. 


Growing Together at Mosley Farms

The Everything Life Brings Difference

Our industry is crowded with companies that want you to buy their products, but we take earning your trust very seriously.


That’s why we ensure every step of our product development process is carefully monitored. We only use the best seeds that we can grow on our Alabama– based farm, and we use natural, plant-based, grass-fed ingredients to keep our products focused on wellness without adding unnecessary ingredients.


We are more than a team, we are literally a family who cares. 


That’s why our goal to partner with local organizations, and reinvest to support causes that matter to our neighbors and friends.

At Everything Life Brings we grow plants, fruits and vegetables with passion and care to make soaps, oils, and blends a sustainable legacy.


Everything Life Brings does not use any synthetic detergents that may harm your body as some mass-produced companies. We add-in what we grow to offer what your body deserves which is love and care, inside as well as outside.


We know exactly what goes into every product because we grew it, watered it, or sourced it ourselves.


We started with the mission that we continue, today, to create holistic bath and body products that are as naturally made as we can make them.


Everything Life Brings products are made with love and ingredients straight from the earth. We are confident that you will keep coming back if try our products.

We don't add complicated ingredients or confusing words.
First rule... We only add ingredients good for your body inside & out; And that we either grow or source ourselves.

We know exactly what is in our products.
We infuse our plant- based products with farm-raised fruits, plants and vegetables.

Botanical Creations . Herbal Bath Teas . Aromatherapy

Experience the ELB difference for Yourself.

We don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we offer a variety of product types that come from natural, premium ingredients. 


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