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Conduct Requirements

As representative of Alabama Black Expo, all Star Participants agree to the following guidelines for conduct during her reign.

1. I will not participate in harmful, malicious, inflammatory, defaming or slanderous speech towards Alabama Black Expo, its affiliates or assignees, or any staff member, or sponsor, whether it be oral, written, or otherwise conveyed during my reign.   
2. I will NOT consume and/or use alcohol and/or illegal drugs while participating in any function or event (unless sanctioned by Alabama Black Expo) from the beginning of my reign until the end of the local or state reign while representing Alabama Black Expo.  Doing so will result in automatic relinquishment of my title and dismissal from Showcase.

3. I will remember that my facebook and/or 
instagram page content, as well as any other internet website(s) or web page(s), is considered a reflection on me as a titleholder and Miss Alabama Black Expo. All sexually suggestive photos and verbally explicit comments must be removed during my reign. Examples of such material include but are not limited to:

a. Photos of delegate in undergarments.

b. Photos of delegate which place emphasis on or expose all or part of the chest or buttocks area.

c. Text which is insulting to an individual or group of individuals.

d. Text which contains foul language, explicit and/or inflammatory comments.

You agree to comply with any request, which may be made by Alabama Black Expo, to immediately remove any material which Alabama Black Expo may deem inappropriate or unbecoming. Alabama Black Expo reserves sole discretion in these matters.

5. I understand that Alabama Black Expo is a family organization and I am a member of that family; keeping this in mind I will not participate in harmful, malicious or slanderous speech or gossip, written or spoken, Alabama Black Expo, fellow delegates and/or agents of the Alabama Black Expo.

6. I understand that my title is the property of Alabama Black Expo, and that I may not register any document, email address, website name, webpage name, forum registration or other publicly viewed or accessible print, video or other media without complying with the following criteria.

a. I will include a year designation of at least 2 digits such as “Miss Alabama Black Expo 22, Miss ABX 22 or Ms ABX 22".

b. I may use a year designation of 4 digits such as: “Miss Alabama Black Expo 2022 or Miss ABX 2022”.

Any exceptions to this rule must be requested directly from Alabama Black Expo.

Film, Television, Radio, Internet Media by third party production companies.

All photos are the property of Alabama Black Expo. Photo Discs will not be released until after the Competition and Press Release. The photographers shoot the photos at a special rate for Alabama Black Expo Participants therefore any  Participant with incomplete registrations will not receive photos until all their fees are paid. 

Alabama Black Expo may permit outside production companies and/or news/entertainment organizations to interview and record delegates during the course of their reign, local/state and/or national competition and beyond.  Many times these entities require their own release forms to be signed.  The delegate is solely responsible for making the decision of participating or not participating in such filming or interviews and the delegate is solely responsible for making the decision to sign or not sign any agreements presented by the production company or organization. Whether or not the delegate chooses to participate has no impact or effect on their show or the outcome of the showcase. 

Alabama Black Expo will not accept the responsibility for deciding what you deem appropriate or acceptable to be filmed and/or aired on cable or television. If you decide to participate in filming or interviews, you hereby agree to hold Alabama Black Expo harmless against any and all claims or damages both real and perceived as result of your signing such agreements. Make certain you understand the document since you are accepting the sole responsibility for your participation.

By submitting the application I affirm that I have read and understood and will/do comply with all conditions stated herein. I understand that any violations of the terms and conditions contained herein may result in my dismissal and disqualification as a delegate and I understand that I will hold Alabama Black Expo, its affiliates or assignees harmless against any damages or losses I might incur as a result of my failure to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein. I also understand that any false statements made to Alabama Black Expo may result in my dismissal and disqualification as a delegate and I understand that I agree to hold Alabama Black Expo, its affiliates or assignees harmless against any losses I may incur as a result of my failure to comply with the terms and conditions herein.

I understand that if I submit my online Alabama Black Expo application this agreement is valid and continues to be enforceable if I win and move on to other competitions. Item number one (1) of the conduct requirements portion of this agreement will survive and remain in force after my reign or competition is completed.

~All entrants must be a resident of the State of Alabama only.
~Female- Born applicants only.

~Must be an active participant in giving back to the community.

~Winner must be willing to make one (1) appearance in Alabama communities monthly as part of community excellence. All appearances must be logged in Ms ABX Community Excellence Book for year of reign.

~All delegates must attend Ms ABX boot camp.

~Entrants are required to submit electronically when submitting application- Two (2) photos are required: Headshot and Full Body.

~Entrants will be judged on the basis of poise, appearance, personality, creativity and stage presence, plus modeling skill during the competition.

~All entry fees, paperwork and photogenic pictures must be received by 
the boot camp deadline.

Judging Criteria:
attitude, confidence, overall look, pose and professionalism, fashion sense & walk

Personal Wear:
There will be one (1) personal style look. This is your time to show your personal style. 
All-star contestants must exude grace, poise, elegance and sophistication. Judges will be evaluating the clothing and how well it suits the delegate (e.g., fit, color, style) as well as the delegate’s on-stage presentation.  

The photo submitted will be judged as your Most Photogenic Photo.

NOTE:  The highest score in each division after the elite winner has been determined will be awarded the title of Miss Alabama Black Expo. 

***NEW RULE: At no time during any competition are the star participants allowed to approach or by proxy, approach the judges with any gift, prop, souvenir, brochure, etc. Activity such as this will result in disqualification. 
All star participants must adhere to the Official Miss Alabama Black Expo Code of Conduct.







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