What is the Alabama Black Expo?


The Alabama Black Expo serves as a platform where businesses, academic institutions, religious, health, and social service agencies can introduce and further educate minority communities about programs for self - empowerment, as well as social and economic growth despite discouraging statistics and information about the current status of our economy. 



Alabama Black Expo, provides a safe and enjoyable place where

patrons, families, and friends can be entertained and share an

enjoyable shopping experience while gathering needed

information and resources. 



ELB produces the Alabama Black Expo (ABX).  ABX is a  tradeshow

for businesses, entrepreneurs, dancers, artists, spoken word

performers not only from Alabama but from surrounding states

as well as from across the country.


ABX is currently produced in Huntsville, Alabama.

Our mission is to encourage African American Community

members to re-invest in the Black Economy by spending

money within the community. 

Our Goals is to have ethnic businesses and institutions benefit from the Black Expo by advertising in ELB Digital Directory, subscribing to the website or by participating in ELB events. 

2021 Updates Coming Soon!

The Alabama Black Expo is the ultimate tradeshow for the state of Alabama and the surrounding areas. Alabama and the surrouding areas, Alabama Black Expo was designed to inspire businesses and empower communities. By exhibiting your business at an Everything Life Brings Event, we can offer you the exposure necessary to ensure a successful exhibit and networking experience. By Utilizing the power of relationship marketing and strategic partnering, we offer our exhibitors cost-effective methods to boost business visibility and build brand awareness. 


Our attendees are passionate and focused. They are exceptionally interested in celebrating the arts, culture, entertainment, and businesses that characterize the unique African American experience. 


We are dedicated to showcasing Ethnic businesses to the Ethnic Community in an effort to stimulate the Black Economy. 


This incredible marketing opportunity allows you to:

  • Raise brand awareness and increase product loyalty

  • Generate highly qualified sales leads, cultivate and strengthen customer relations

  • Build relationships, network, schedule client meetings, and allow product testing

  • Establish contacts in a variety of agencies from across the state

  • Generate on-the-spot revenue through direct sales to your target market

  • Build a follow-up database of attendees which could potentially translate into sales and /or partnerships after the ABX.





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