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ELB Founders
The Stinnett's

EVERYTHING LIFE BRINGS is your destination for inspiration in all aspects of your life. ELB focuses on everything life brings. ELB Magazine includes healthy living, gatherings, entertainment, style, family, food, gardening, and more.  


Based on the powerhouse brand,

Everything Life Brings, affectionately known as ELB.


The publishing network offering fresh inspiration for life and all that it brings in each new season and encourages individuals to create or improve the life they love.

Everything Life Brings was founded as Katwalk Planet, in 2010, by Katrina Mosley- Army Veteran, Publisher, Executive Creative Director and Author of the Book Collecting Wooden Nickelswith the lifelong dream of starting a Publishing & Media Production Company- Taking photographs, publishing magazines, developing custom products (custom soaps and gift baskets) and producing signature events (Expos and Festivals). Based in Mobile, Alabama.


Katwalk Planet was created at a time when it seemed impossible for talented individuals and those seeking to start businesses to get the coverage and exposure needed to boost their creativity, talents, new products or business without spending a ton of money or knowing “The Right” people.



​Initially, what began as small project soon expanded to a large platform and destination for everything life brings with a focus on inspiring and empowering. 

With growth as a prominent outlet in 2015, Katrina, now Katrina Mosley Stinnett and husband, Quentin Stinnett- Marketing Director, changed the name of the company from Katwalk Planet to Everything Life Brings to expand the reach and connect more with the audience.

Over the years, Katwalk Planet / Everything Life Brings has had the pleasure of decorating, photographing, planning, and creating beautiful custom pieces such as custom soaps, flower arrangements and program booklets for events around the world- from small events inside of barns in Alabama, to Island beach resort events in St. Lucia, to events in beautiful cathedrals in Europe. ELB has also had the pleasure of working with, to name few, the Great-Great-Granddaughter of Madam C. J. Walker: A'Lelia Bundles, world renowned fashion designer, Viola Bernice Jackson, Award Winning Spoken Word Artist/ Poet: David “BIG FITZ” Fitzpatrick, Model and Actress: Kenya Thomas, 2021 PDRA World Championship and 2021 XDA World Championship Winner and the first African American Pro-Nitrous rider in the 3's in the 1/8 Mile: Chris Garner– Jones of the TT Jones Racing Team, Model and Designer: Anthony Aigbogun; And so many more.


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Everything Life Brings is affectionately known as ELB.

ELB is the ultimate destination to find all things creative.

ELB produces ELB Magazine/ Publication- A catalog magazine for inspiring, empowering and connecting people that serves as a voice simply by creating a destination that promises fresh inspiration for life throughout the year.


Our goal is to impact the lives of individuals one at a time by empowering, connecting and growing together through Everything Life Brings!

Katrina worked many years in the fight to end homelessness in the housing first initiative through the Department of Veteran Affairs Program- (SSVF) Supportive Services for Veteran Families.

Katrina's time in this field was spent as Site Manager of the Huntsville, Alabama office where she was quickly promoted to Senior Site Manager/ Processing Manager over the Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, and Tuskegee offices to perform quality assurance on all payments processed. Katrina eventually made the move to something she truly enjoyed which was field work as Case Manager/ Housing Specialist.

As Case Manager/ Housing Specialist she had the opportunity to be up close with her fellow Veterans, hear their stories, connect with them, walk with them as they went through the process of going from homeless to housed, and connect them to community resources to help them maintain housing stability.

Quentin worked many years in concrete helping to pour foundations for homes and buildings across North Alabama and the surrounding areas. Quentin also works in mechanics helping people who have issues that arise with their vehicles get back on the road. Quentin is a friendly individual- he never meets a stranger; And that personality has helped the business reach even more people and places through his marketing and promoting.

The greatest thing they have in common is their passion for helping others- the pair spent years inspiring and empowering.

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