Everything Life Brings & The Stinnett's

Quentin & Katrina Stinnett

The Stinnett's have made a name for themselves by becoming the first to Executive Produce the Alabama Black Expo in their home state of Alabama.

The Stinnett's are the Founders of Everything Life Brings, LLC affectionately known as ELB, formerly Katwalk Planet, founded in 2007. 

The Husband and Wife Team: Army Veteran, Author, Producer, Photographer, Publisher, Katrina Mosley Stinnett and Marketing/ Promoter, Producer and Publisher, Quentin Stinnett. The pair have over 25 years of promoting and producing experience under their belts.

The Stinnett's helped to launch countless successful businesses as well as produced the inspirational book Collecting Wooden Nickels- A Journey of Stepping Out On Faith and Receiving Everything Life Brings, Written by Katrina Mosley Stinnett.

Everything Life Brings, LLC

Everything Life Brings, affectionately known as ELB was established in 2007.

ELB is a production company which focuses on special events along with community development.

Everything Life Brings is a dynamic company that offers a fresh approach to EVERYTHING! 

ELB produces events for various special occasions.

ELB produces the Drinks & Conversations Show, which features various topics such as world current events, business questions as well as relationship issues. The Drinks & Conversations Show is based on discussions in the Book Collecting Wooden Nickels written by ELB Co-Founder, Katrina. 

ELB also produces the Alabama Black Expo (ABX) and the Miss Alabama Black Expo (MsABX)  

ABX is a  tradeshow for businesses, entrepreneurs, dancers, artists, spoken word performers not only from Alabama but from surrounding states as well as from across the country.

ELB also has a non-profit department, Check On The Strong, that focuses on support for those in need.



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